Public Screw-ol

More evidence that the public school system is just getting ridiculous. Seriously, who the heck would file charges over getting a pie in the face, especially when it was part of a fundraising contest? Apparently public school principals do.

I can’t wait for the education system to be privitized. Of course private schools could have tort-happy principals, but then they can be fired quicker.

3 thoughts on “Public Screw-ol”

  1. The kid broke the rules of the contest. He should be punished, but not nearly as long as the current punishment. There’s a difference between throwing a pie at someone’s face and grabbing them and slamming it in their face. A bunch of farkers agree 🙂

  2. Well even after watching the video I still think it’s totally bogus. The only rule was he only had to stand a foot away. A foot away isn’t very far. It’s completely ridiculous and that the principal complained to the police about a 15 year old boy who may have gotten a little excited about pieing the principal. The principal is complaining about “pain in her face.” Oh, boo hoo. Heck it doesn’t even report that she got a bloody nose!

    Farkers can suck an egg. 😛

  3. Which is why it’s listed on YOUR site? LOL. Did you read any of the other articles? The one you pointed to didn’t give all the facts. He grabbed her and slammed it in her face. That’s dangerous to any neck.

    Should the police have been called? No.
    80 day suspension? Heck no.
    Detention with some mean P.E. coach? Priceless.

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