IRC: uses and abuses

Here’s a largely negative article by the NYT on IRC. It’s always amusing to see esoteric geek stuff covered by the media. As some of you know, I’m somewhat of an IRC junkie. Not horribly so, but I am perpetually connected to three different servers, idling in 4 different channels. None of my channels are oriented towards anything illegal. In fact, two of the channels have specific policies againts warez, porn, or hacking. Besides a general chat, I’ve found IRC to be extremely useful because it allows me to tap into dozens of different brains all over the world almost instantly. I can get help on just about any tech related issue quickly and reliably, and with the right people I can get good discussions on politics, world events, literature, and movies. Where else can you do that?

UPDATE: kuro5hin has an op-ed on IRC which reads more like an informative piece. None of the comments are especially helpful.

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