Full Metal Jacket

I watched Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket last night. My little slave at work was pestering me to watch it. It’s a good movie. Stylistically it seemed pretty Kubrickian though I’m not very familiar with his works. The plot was interesting enough, and the acting was solid though there were no A-list actors.

What really makes this movie worthwhile is seeing the Marine boot camp training which is the entire first half of the movie. Not only is this portion eminently quotable but it is also quite humorous and shocking. The drill instructor (who was one in real life) is something to behold. His speech capabilities are phenomenal in both creativity and depravity. Also, so as I don’t give anything away, I’ll just say that Kubrick is a master at getting actors to seem absolutely, down-right creepy.

Unfortunately, the last half of the movie is somewhat lackluster. It’s not bad, but it isn’t that great either. The protagonist, Private Joker, ends up in Vietnam as a war correspondant wearing a peace sign. Eventually, he gets caught up in the fight due to the Tet Offensive. He encounters some great evil and sees his buddies get shot up. Not a whole lot of fun. Treatment of the war was Hollywood enough, but not horribly so.

Pros: The Drill Instructor, quotability, authenticity (at least it seemed so)
Cons: Last half is a little slow, lack of quotability

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