Welcome to the first day of May


67% humidity. Awesome. Even though it’s relatively cool ~60 degrees, the humidity is just a killer. I was breaking a sweat just sitting and reading a book. Faulkner is tougher reading, but he isn’t that tough. I really enjoy reading at Tully’s on Queen Anne Avenue. I’ve been up there every Saturday for about a month and a half now. It’s pleasant to sit in the sun, read and watch the people and cars pass by.

It’s frustrating how the world conspires against me. Last summer I had the money to buy a motorcycle, but also I had a girlfriend who told me no. This summer I have nobody to tell me no, but I also have no money.

What should I have to eat? Honey, butter, mustard, creamed corn, dry pasta, dry Cream of Wheat, dry stuffing, dry Mac’n’Cheese, or tea?

I settled on creamed corn.

Somebody send me food.

UPDATE: I bought food.
Currently listening to “Bitter Melody” by Idle Hands

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