Where are the WMDs? Maybe they’re still in Iraq.

Read this article if you still care at all about what happened to the WMDs.

I only have a few quick comments. First, if much of what this article says is true, then why isn’t it getting more attention? Why isn’t the Bush administration trumpeting the findings? The article answers the first question in a rather paranoid answer: it gets too much in the way of the Media’s agenda. I don’t think I’d go that far.

Second, this article does point out some very interesting findings and reminds us of the things Kay said under oath that did receive hardly any media coverage.

Third, this article also reminds us that Saddam was in material violation of UN regulations, did not account for tons of biological and chemical weapons, and had the equipment in place for rapid WMD production. Also, why the hell does Iraq need that much pesticide stockpiled? I mean, if that’s not fishy, then what is?

And remember, 3.9 tons of VX gas can be put in a large garage. Iraq is the size of California. These facts alone should make a lot of people pause before declaring Bush lied to us all and the WMDs don’t exist.

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