Kerry meltdown?

If you haven’t heard or read about what happened to Kerry on Good Morning America today, either you must live under a rock or you wait for me give you your daily dose of News According to Steve. If it’s the latter, then shame on you (though I’m flattered)! Once again, I don’t want to say much because if you want good/better commentary you can check out just about a dozen other political blogs.

I’ll just say this. Rush Limbaugh played soundbites from the Good Morning America interview, and I must say Kerry sounded highly defensive. He kept trying to cut off Gibson’s questions and often ended his replies with a jab at Bush’s National Guard service record (which, if I’m not mistaken, has been resolved as a non-issue). Personally, I’m not too impressed with the magnitude of this supposed “meltdown,” though it is very telling about Kerry’s character and inability to just come clean. It seems pretty clear that Kerry lied back in ’71. Why doesn’t he just fess up? Also, he needs to stop claiming that Republicans are trying to smear him by saying he threw away his medals because he himself claimed he did toss them. If this story is false, then he originated it.

Quick links:

Full transcript of the GMA interview.
ABC News story.

I do feel sorry for Kerry’s handlers though. Poor guys. Damage control on this is probably going to be a big task.

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