Where are the WMDs? Maybe they’re in Syria.

Jordan foils a terrorist plot to use a chemical bomb. They believe the materials for the bomb came from Syria. Isn’t that interesting?

Bling-bling quote:

In his testimony before Congress last year, Mr. Kay said U.S. satellite surveillance showed substantial vehicular traffic going from Iraq to Syria just prior to the U.S.attack on March 19, 2003 attack.

While Kay said investigators couldn’t be sure the cargo contained weapons of mass destruction, one of his top advisors described the evidence as “unquestionable.”

“People below the Saddam-Hussein-and-his-sons level saw what was coming and decided the best thing to do was to destroy and disperse,” said James Clapper, in comments reported by the New York Times on Oct. 29. Clapper heads up the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

Israeli intelligence has long believed that after the U.S. delayed invasion plans to allow U.N. weapons inspectors time to search for Iraq’s WMDs, Saddam moved the banned weapons to Syria, the only other country where the Ba’ath Party ruled.

What a coincidence! Coupled with this, I think any normal person would at least grant a good possibility that the Weapons of Mysterious Disappearance were moved out of Iraq prior to the war.

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