LeVar Burton would be so proud of me

I will get my review up of A Few Quick Ones tonight. Today I’m going to be reading a collection of short stories by William Faulkner. Hopefully I’ll have this finished by next weekend, and then I’ll be starting Catch 22. My little helper at work has been nagging me to read it, so I’m going to read it just so he shuts up.

I’m also still plugging away at Churchill’s The Gathering Storm, but it’s slow going. I think after Catch 22 I’m going to return to the depressing books and read A Problem from Hell: America in the Age of Genocide. And then after that I’m going to have a go at a weightier philosophy book: After Virtue. I figure this current Reading Road Map will carry me well into the summer.

Okay, well I worked out this morning, and so I’m desparately hungry. Since I have no food in the house I’m going to go get a Noah’s Bagel sandwich thingee and some tea. Oh, and if you can believe it, I’ve gained five pounds. 😯

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