The Rebuilding of Iraq as compared to Germany

This really needs to be read by anybody who thinks the rebuilding of Iraq is going piss poor and quagmire-ish.

The way I see it is if there is any country on this planet that has a strong history of nation building and nation re-building it is the United States. We’ve done this in the past after we had gutted (deservedly) a country even more than what we did in Iraq, so I don’t see any reason to despair now. Growing up is painful; there’s no reason to think there won’t be pains when a nation is growing (or being allowed to grow).

Also, I think this flies in the face of all those who accuse us of being imperialists. What country has conquered more enemies only to not take their land but give them succor? We didn’t do that last century; we aren’t going to do it now.

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