Fun with Shingles

Last week I learned how to demolish small buildings. Today I learned how to rip a roof off of a house. Long story short: I went to bed too late last night and then worked eight hours straight ripping composite off of a roof, so I’m tuckered out. I did have many wonderful about which to write, but now I’m not sure if I will. I did finish P.G. Wodehouse’s A Few Quick Ones last Saturday, so I’d like to get at least a quick review of it up sometime soon.

If you’re bored, I have three quick things I’d recommend reading:

John Leo writes about an anti-hate speech bill in Canada that might be used to silence religious disapproval of homosexuality. Apparently this has already been going on in Europe. I believe all parties should be deeply concerned by this development, even though we are a long ways away from this here in the States . . . at least I think we are . . .

Andy Rooney once again demonstrates how utterly stupid he has become. I have no more respect for this man.

Finally, MEMRI is reporting that Iran has been funneling huge amounts of cash, training, and other support into Iraq in an effort to make it as hard as possible for us. Consider the source, but this kind of activity seeems pretty well documented. I guess Iran wants to be our next stop.
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2 thoughts on “Fun with Shingles

  1. He’s just a frumpy old man, muttering to whoever is listening. There was this elderly weatherman in Portland who I think was paraplegic and he couldn’t control a few bodily functions, but the station kept him on part-time anyway, never shooting below the waist. Pity and duty, I suppose. I think “60 Minutes” has the same deal with Andy Rooney. He’s an institution but he isn’t really earning his spot now.

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