“News”week and Time

Newsweek April 04Today at Barnes and Noble, I saw the latest issue of Newsweek. Once again, the cover screamed liberal bias. You can see it there on the right. It’s not just a tax cut it’s a tax cut with a “dirty little secret.” Of course it has a dirty little secret, it’s a Republican tax cut. Those nasty Republicans.

After I got back home from my little stroll, I found this blog pointing to this Washington Times editorial about the Newsweek cover story. Sure enough, it’s not exactly the epitome of good reporting. Apparently the father of one of the “random” families picked for the story is a thorough going Democrat activist who has acutally sought public office as a Democrat. The Washington Times article concludes:

The dirty little secret is that Newsweek has published a dirty little story, which it surely had to know was filled with distortions and misrepresentations.

Time April o4Turning to the latest Time issue, we see that Time is going to tell us why Jesus died. Forget the Bible, Time’s got the real story. I couldn’t resist at least skimming the article, so I did. To be fair, it seemed to be an okay article. However, the three different theories about why Christ died were, in my opinion, all true and to present them as competing theories was, well, stupid. I might actually read this article later to see if my suspicions are confirmed.

It just frustrates me when pulp news magazines try to tackle issues deeper than what they can adequately cover in their thin, glossy volumes. All it does is present a watered-down, overly-simplified veneer of the subject matter, regurgitated out of the mouths of “experts.”

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