Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion

Last night, my roommate and I made a stab at metrosexuality by getting all dudded up for the Seattle Chamber Singer’s and Seattle Orchestra’s performance of Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion. We arrived with only minutes to spare, and we weren’t able to obtain a program. Unfortunately, since this passion was written in German, we couldn’t follow what was happening. After almost two hours, it concluded. That is, the first part concluded. The second part was another two hours. I wasn’t expecting a marathon session of classical music, but I was up to the challenge. During the intermission, we had been able to obtain a pair of programs, so we could follow along.

St. Matthew’s Passion is a three-hours-and-forty-five-minute musical tour de force, you could say, employing six soloists, three choirs, and two orchestras. I just wish I had the knowledge to appreciate it more. I did enjoy it even though it’s length was a bit of a stretch for me especially since I was starving for almost the whole performance.

My only complaint is that I’ve discovered arias make me really impatient. They’re beautiful and all, but after about 5 minutes of repeating the same 5 lines, I desire something fresh.

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