Return of the Boys of Summer

Safeco Field

Today I went to the Mariner’s opening game. We lost 10-5, but it was still fun. Some dumb team owned by Disney beat us. Can you believe that? Some mouse beat us. I worked on my farmer’s tan some more. Wait until you get a load of my face. My sunglasses are going to give me some killer tan lines around my eyes.

One thought on “Return of the Boys of Summer

  1. Chadd, Ryan and I went last night. We had seats in the very last row of the grandstand, but it was a good area of the grandstand. It was also “Armed Forces Night”, so we had various branches of the military there. I think the highlight the night, other than Ichiro hitting the pitcher with the ball, had to be when the rather….unfit…Navy guys took off their shirts, and the Army guys started standing up shouting “it’s called a gym, USE IT” and the Marines just sort of looked on as if the rest were all amateurs.

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