The Graduate

I watched The Graduate tonight. It is not what I had expected at all. I’m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t what it is. It is also very strange and almost down right creepy. However, I’d still say it is a good movie. You can tell the script was written by a man. Hoffman’s character must have some super-strong pheromones or something because he was attracting women like flies even though he was pretty much a mumbling, insecure, degenerate loser during most of the film.

Pros: Well shot, I identify with Hoffman’s character, Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack, interesting plot, a young Katharine Ross.
Cons: Creepiness is the norm, only 3 different S & G songs played 10 times each

2 thoughts on “The Graduate

  1. My roommate and I watched that last year and we had the same thoughts, except our disappointment was near-total. Now that I’ve seen it I notice all the allusions to it in other movies and television – like the last half hour of Wayne’s World 2 – but it doesn’t discount the weirdness. On the other hand, it turned a whole generation of men to all the older women they could be bagging. Gave us hope!

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