waste not

When I’m driving along the highway, and I see a nice sports car (e.g. Porsche, Corvette, Ferrari, etc.), I better be seeing it in the passing lane. It’s annoying to see a machine like that being wasted on a driver who only does the speed limit and drives like a pansy. It’s strangely satisfying for me to see a Porsche go blowing by me. I suppose I vicariously enjoy the speed and the thrill.

Another annoying thing is to see a girl who is dating a dweeb of a guy when it’s obvious she could do so much better. That doesn’t necessarily mean she should date me. It means I don’t like seeing quality women wasted on dweebs.

I’m currently reading A Few Quick Ones, a collection of short stories by P.G. Wodehouse. My premilinary review: delightful. Postively delightful. Thanks Bob for reminding me about Wodehouse. I think I’ll have it done by either tomorrow or next weekend.
Currently listening to “What Evil Lurks” from the album What Evil Lurks by Prodigy

3 thoughts on “waste not

  1. So true about the girl and dweeb situation! I was sitting behind this couple at church yesterday and the guy was so obviously a dork. He had this high-pitched laugh he couldn’t keep in check, a haircut that was too tight for his big head, glasses and a ketchup-red jacket that looked eerily Members Only. And he had his arm around her most of the sermon. What’s the deal with the arm-around-the-girl-during-the-sermon phenomenon? Keep your busy hands to yourself in church, horndog.

  2. The truth. Girls go for the dweebs because more often than not the really great guys don’t have the chutzpah to do anything about it.

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