My Worst Nightmare

Continuing news but still scary:the U.N. wants control of the Internet.

I need to do some research about the origins of the Internet, but it seems to me (and my limited knowledge) that the U.S. not only built the Internet but one of our private companies governs it. The U.N. can keep it’s damn dirty claws off of it. Kthxbye.

I thought this quote was particularly hilarious:

Other critics say ICANN is too slow in making decisions and adopting new technology

Yeah, and an enormous bureaucracy like the U.N. will be so much faster. . .

UPDATE: Just found this real quick. I’ll be reading the whole thing later, but I do find it interesting that the idea of the internet was started by our very own Department of Defense.

ONE MORE TIME: Oh yeah, and we’re already working on Internet2.

4 thoughts on “My Worst Nightmare

  1. Dang it steve! why not. I need you in order to be efficient! ( i thought you were not there because your chariot was in the lot all day)

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