Terraforming Mars

Here is a quick article about the coming discussion of terraforming Mars to make it a “little Earth.” The general consensus is that it is very possible but would take a lot of money.

However, some people think it’s a bad idea. Dr. Pratt, an astrobiologist (what?), makes an interesting comment:

It is very depressing. Before we have even discovered if there is life on Mars – which I am increasingly confident we will find – we are talking about undertaking massive projects that would wipe out all these indigenous lifeforms, all the strange microbes that we hope to find buried in the Martian soil. It is simply ethically wrong.

“Ethically wrong”? To do what? Kill microbes?

Another doctor says its “not ethical” to terraform Mars because we might do “devastating things to the planet for a temporary effect.” It’s a planet. A ball of rock. Since when do rocks factor so heavily in our ethical schema?

I think the idea of creating another home for us Earth-people would be pretty smart, especially with all the asteroids zipping around. It’s best not to have all your eggs in one basket.

Hopefully Halliburton will get the contract for this. 😈

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