no more Clarke!

You know you need to clean your room when you scour the floor for clothes to wear instead of looking in the closet. I need my mommy.

Anyway. . .

This is now a Dick Clarke-free zone. I will not mention Clarke again. If you want info on that on-going mess, go to any political blog or wait for the mainstream press to play catch up. I’m sick and bored of it.

Dick Morris believes Kerry is going to get crushed by Bush. He credits the Bush ad campaign. Obligatory money quote:

This Democrat is not ready to run for president, and the more the Republicans press him, the more he will self-destruct. His campaign advisers are hoping that a few hours extra sleep on his ski trip will restore his political judgment, but they ignore the fact that he never had a lot to begin with.

Speaking of Kerry, has anybody seen many pro-Kerry signs (bumper stickers, lawn placards, etc.)? I hardly ever see them. I saw only one pro-Kerry sticker today. I’m pretty sure that I see more “No Iraq War” signs, Kucinich stickers, or Dean stickers than pro-Kerry signage. Maybe it’s true that many Democrats aren’t at all excited about him and only support him because they hate Bush so much? Or maybe Queen Anne is a Republican stronghold (hahahahaha!)?

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, is always interesting (3 MB mpeg). Here he states he doesn’t want a single Internet user to have an “online experince without hitting a Microsoft ad.” (bottom of article) Since I use Firefox with ad blocking I don’t see a whole lot of ads these days, but before I used ad blocking I didn’t see a whole lot of Microsoft ads. I feel sorry for all those who are going to be exposed to the deluge of their ads.

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