Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

When I first saw trailers for this movie, I didn’t think I’d see it. It just looked lame as some type of icky romance movie. But then reviews started coming out for it, including this one by Slate, that were basically raving about it. So, I decided to see it. I went with my friend, Brian.

It is a good, good movie. Unfortunately it’s also really hard to describe the movie. It was a romance of sorts, I suppose, enough to be a good date movie, but not enough for a guy like me to gag. Carrey, who has really matured in his acting, also brings enough levity and slapstick to give a nice touch of comedy. There’s also a strong element of suspense as Carrey’s character, Joel, tries to save his memories of his love, Clementine, from being erased. Oh yeah, and drama. There’s drama too.

The cinematography was excellent. And everything from the sets to the special effects to the editing to the score worked so very well to give you the sense of being in a strange dream state where things are real but not really real.

See this movie. It’s darn good.

Pros: It’s a darn good movie (see above)
Cons: The ending is a little frustrating
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