Postal Service Finances Bleak

So, USPS is in dire financial straits. Hmmm, maybe we should privitize it? Yes, I think that might be a good idea. After all this is a capitalist economy, and if we really believe that the private sector is awesome (like I do), we should spin the USPS off and let it become a private entity.

While we’re at it, we should privitize the Education Department . . . oh wait, that will never happen. Here’s hoping though.

2 thoughts on “Postal Service Finances Bleak

  1. Ya, that would be a good idea. But I guarantee you if it happened someone would sue becuase it violates our constitution. and you know how huffy puffy people get about things being unconstitutional.

  2. The solution is to roll back the law preventing other companies from making blanket daily home deliveries. Rather than privatize the Post Office, just let it die a natural death.

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